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Refreshing Your Home’s Molding with Paint

June 10, 2017  |  Molding, Painting

Molding is a common decorative addition used to cover transitions between different surfaces. Usually made out of clay, wood or marble, molding adds character to the design of your property, by giving definition and depth to walls, doorways, and windows.

Great interior painting on molding can work wonders in every occasion and make your house look as good as new with only a fraction of the cost of a total renovation.

Give Your Molding a Retouch

Interior PaintingA change in the color of your molding can become rather noticeable once it starts getting worse, especially in older houses. Handmade trims are usually exhibits of fine workmanship that can be preserved with little to no effort. After all, proper care and attention to detail are what separates a decrepit house from a vintage house!

Even newer houses need an updated look every once in a while, to bring out the personality of their owner.

The color of the molding defines a space and makes it ooze with a particular aura depending on the pattern. You can experiment with several choices. A daring black coating on your trim can add an adventurous look, while traditionalists might not want to stray too far off the classics.

Whatever your choice, there are also practical reasons for re-painting your molding. Pets, for example. As anyone who has ever had a dog can assure you, our little furry friends like to sharpen their teeth and nails on precious decorative elements!

In addition, many houses have structural problems that can be treated with the right color combination. Did you know that you can add height to a room by changing the color of the trim?

Call our Team of Pros!

Whatever the reason, our NY-based licensed team of qualified professionals can come at your place and take a look at your molding and trim for free. We will take care of all the hard work of refreshing your interior painting. You just add the taste and personality!

Book an appointment today and get a no-strings-attached visit from our experienced painting company!

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